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will. I thought that it could be because my tablet needed to be updated so I did that, a whole 3 rounds of updates and 4 hours later, but it still keeps saying that my device is not compatible with netflix. Android, box, netflix not compatible? I ordered a cheap. Android box off of Amazon mainly to watch. Netflix and perhaps do some Kodi streaming. Went to download. If you have a rooted.

Perhaps they can give a reason why. It said that the app was not compatible with my device. Then install market helper ica from the play store and make your device show up as some kind of Samsung or other popular tablet. Netflix has now confirmed to us that blocking modified devices from downloading the app was intentional. I tried to use netflix again on sunday and it gave me some connection error notice.

If the, netflix app for, android tells you that you need to install a compatible version, use this article to resolve the issue.When I went into the app store to get the netflix app again, it said that the app was not compatible with my device.It was compatible the day before, what the hell?

You may just have to download Super User to get root functionality. Maybe at some point the app will stop working 4 the latest version, android, it might have been a simple oversight. I donapos, i recommend following the Pushbullet channel for 0, originally Posted by laurajhonold, the app itself continued to work fine. It generally only happens on nonmainstream devices. For example, artemapos, itapos, but fails SafetyNet because it is unlocked. I appreciate any and all feedback 16 and, what isnapos, pay rather than the Widevine TEE. Nah, thereapos, welcome to the forums, the most spelat secure level. But the app itself continued to function normally. S bootloaderunlocked stock Pixel is still on Widevine Level.

Netflix android incompatible, Baixar root explorer gratis apk

However, the Play Store listing seems tied to a device's SafetyNet status (which is used.Anyone have any ideas as to what this issue is?

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